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Why are events the best way to manage your image?

May 12, 2017

Image can be constructed and managed in several different ways by using a range of tools. Individuals, organisations and tourism destinations can transmit their image via a range of above the line tools, such as TV or mass print advertising, as well as below the line techniques such as direct marketing, brochures and information distribution, and product trials. However, most of the messages conveyed by these techniques are induced messages - meaning they can be more or less credible and therefore, more or less effective.


Focusing exclusively on these induced images disregards the influential power of representations that are produced independently of the official marketing communications. This is why contemporary Public Relations activities now integrate more subtle and effective techniques in order to convey independent, autonomous (organic) messages rather than rely solely on the traditional induced message. The growing sophistication of these techniques is resulting in more credible, more penetrative and therefore, more influential messages – to a point where the distinction between autonomous and induced imagery has become blurred.


Organic images are those which are formed through general life experiences. This is why at Métonymie_ we are convinced that events can be a primary source of organic messages and therefore, are outstanding image builders. Moreover, events have the capacity to raise and multiply awareness not only for their duration but also in the long term - thanks to press coverage, social media and the mighty word of mouth.





How can you ensure that your events effectively convey image-changing organic messages?


So... at Métonymie_ we believe that when events are effectively conceived and managed, they have huge potential to generate organic messages. These messages can have a major influence on how an image is formed, as well as lead to positive thoughts and feelings about it. To foster the power of these messages in order to successfully engineer an effective image change, it is essential to operate cognitive and affective mechanisms - the most important being made possible through the use of Metonymies and Connotations.

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