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The importance of a good reputation_

March 8, 2017

Your reputation rests in the opinions and beliefs of others. A good reputation represents a huge advantage in all circumstances and in some cases is a prerequisite. Being liked and respected will open many doors but a negative opinion of you will keep those doors firmly closed. 


Reputation is probably the most important asset of a person, organisation or tourism destination. It means loyalty and it means success. Reputation is definitely becoming more valuable than money. "Perception is reality" and that is why it’s vital for anyone wishing to thrive in a competitive market to place image and reputation management at the centre of everything they do. How do we create a strong and sterling reputation? It all begins with a positive, salient image.


What is image and how it is constructed?


Image is a mental picture of an object, person, group or place. It can also be defined as the expressive or evocative representation of a character projected to the public. Image is made up of both cognitive and affective components. The cognitive component is based on what we know (information) about the person, organisation or destination, and it’s this that needs to be developed in order to generate awareness. The affective component is related to more subjective evaluations (how we feel) about the item under consideration. Successful, effective image changes can be achieved by tackling both cognitive and affective elements.



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