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Our unique approach called Metonymic rupture, focuses on fostering your strengths to form a positive opinion about you and your company through the power of suggestion. Watch the video.

Our clients include individuals, companies and tourist destinations. From advertising and digital marketing, to events and public relations, Métonymie_ has the knowledge and expertise you’ll need to achieve your plans throughout


Here at Métonymie_, we believe that events have huge potential to generate organic messages when they are effectively conceived and managed. These messages can have a major influence on how an image is formed, and lead to positive thoughts and feelings about this image. It is essential to operate cognitive and affective mechanisms that foster the power of these messages in order to successfully engineer an effective image change,  and we believe the most important changes are made possible through the use of Metonymies and Connotations.

How do we achieve that?

Firstly, we will help you to define your objectives by considering every important stakeholder, with their image and reputation always being at the top of the list. We then carry out both a diagnostic of your identity and a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) to establish where you currently are and where you want to be in terms of your image and reputation. 

The next stage is to subdivide your image objectives into components by separating the cognitive and affective aspects. On the cognitive side, we determine the important messages to each audience and the strategies to be implemented. This way, we can create the right metonymies that will redefine you. On the affective side, we integrate the subjective associated elements to create feelings and positive shifts in emotions. We then define the adequate connotations and will finally integrate these elements into the planning and implementation of every aspect of an event or events portfolio. We also seek to capitalise on the power of the coordinated image pairing and co-branding between the matching brands and events in order to maximise the effect of synergetic metonymies and connotations.